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Shredders: Precision in Material Reduction

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of shredders at ESMOS. Our shredding solutions are designed to revolutionize material reduction processes, offering precision, power, and versatility across various industries.

Single Shaft Shredders


Our Single Shaft Shredders boast a powerful two-speed swing ram design, eliminating the risk of blockages and the wearing out of internal guide rails. Versatile and capable of shredding a wide range of input materials, these machines find applications in diverse industries.

Technical Data:

Technical data S 400 S 520
Shaft Diameter, mm 480 520
Shaft length, mm 1080 1350
Number of knives on shaft, pcs 39 (40 x 40) 42 (60 x 60)
Drive Power, kW 30 75
Rotor Speed, rpm 100 105

Twin Shafts Shredder


Our Twin Shafts Shredder is a powerful tool for size reduction of plastic, rubber, cable, tire waste, and LDPE film bales. With the ability to process materials into sizes suitable for subsequent processing, this shredder delivers efficiency and reliability.

Technical Data

Technical Data DD 300 / 12 DD 3000/20 DD 700 /20
Power, kW 7.5 7.5 30
Shaft, pcs 2 2 2
Shaft Speed, rpm 7/15 7/15 7/15
Cutting Chamber, mm 460 x 400 620 x 460 700 x 1000
Hopper Opening, mm 870 x 870 1100 x 870 1000 x 1500
Cutting Discs, pcs 12 20 20
Cutters Diameter, mm 300 300 420
Cutters Thickness, mm 30 30 50


We believe in delivering excellence through innovation. Explore the world of precision shredding with our state-of-the-art machines designed for efficiency and performance.

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