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Other Machines

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Discover the machines from ESMOS designed to elevate recycling processes and contribute to a sustainable future.

Silos: Efficient Scrap Storage and Homogenization

At ESMOS, we produce a versatile range of silos tailored for the storage of scrap and recycled plastic materials. These silos not only facilitate efficient storage but also play a crucial role in achieving product homogenization. Designed to drop the temperature of materials emerging from extruders, our silos are available in various dimensions and containment capacities. For larger quantities, multiple silos can be linked together, providing a seamless solution for homogenizing pellets. Explore our vertical silos for your specific needs and capacities. For technical information and inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Washing Systems: Purifying Plastics for Reuse

Our Plastic Washing Systems are meticulously crafted to remove heavy contamination from both hard and soft plastics after the shredding process. Choose from various models, including the Vacuum Washer and Plastic Recycling Floating Washer, to meet the specific requirements of your recycling operations. ESMOS washing equipment ensures the purification of plastics, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable recycling process.

Trommels: Efficient Material Separation and Classification

ESMOS proudly produces durable and efficient Trommel Screens integral to recycling systems. These trommels effectively separate materials and classify sizes within solid waste. Whether for plastic, rubber, or other recyclable materials, our trommels are designed for optimal performance. In addition, explore our composting systems specially engineered for the recycling of solid waste, contributing to environmentally friendly waste management solutions.

Centrifuges: Precision in Material Processing

ESMOS introduces precision centrifuges as an integral part of recycling installations. Our centrifuges are designed for the efficient separation of materials, ensuring optimal processing within recycling systems. Experience high-performance solutions that contribute to the seamless functioning of your recycling processes.

Tire Debeader: Initiating Tire Recycling

The Tire Debeader from ESMOS plays a crucial role in tire recycling. By efficiently pulling out the bead wires from the sidewalls of car and truck tires, the tire debeader prepares the tires for subsequent shredding operations. Embrace tire recycling with this essential component that aligns with our commitment to sustainable waste management practices.

At ESMOS, we bring innovation to recycling, offering a comprehensive range of machines that redefine efficiency and sustainability. Explore our machines to revolutionize your recycling processes.

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