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Extruders: Precision in Polymer Processing

Step into the world of polymer processing excellence with ESMOS extruders. Our wide range of high-quality single-screw extruders is engineered to deliver outstanding performance across diverse applications. From melting and homogenization to the precise packing of initial materials like polyethylene (low and high pressure), polypropylene, and PVC, our extrusion equipment sets the standard for reliability and power.

Key Features:

1. Reliability and Power

Our extrusion equipment is designed for optimum reliability and power. The improved sustainable construction ensures high-strength performance, making ESMOS extruders the go-to choice for precision polymer processing.

2. Air-Cooling System and Inverter-Duty Motor

ESMOS extruders achieve unparalleled performance and durability, thanks to the advanced air-cooling system and inverter-duty motor. This combination ensures consistent high performance throughout the extrusion process.

3. High-Quality Construction

The screw and cylinders are crafted from high-quality nitriding steel (1.8509), guaranteeing durability and longevity. Shaft diameters can vary between F20 and F125mm, providing flexibility for different processing needs.


Our extruders find versatile applications, including but not limited to:

Pipes and Tubes: Achieve precision in pipe and tube extrusion.

Blown Foil and Profiles: Craft high-quality blown foil and profiles.

Cable Insulation: Ensure efficient insulation of cables.

Plastics Granulation: Contribute to the plastics granulation process.

At ESMOS, we combine innovation with precision to bring you extruders that meet the evolving demands of the polymer processing industry. Explore our range and elevate your polymer processing capabilities.

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