General description:

We produce a wide range of high quality single-screw extruders with excellent characteristics. Our extrusion equipment is reliable, powerful and designed for melting, homogenization and packing of the initial material - polyethylene low and high pressure, polypropylene, PVC.

The ESMOS extrusion equipment own improved sustainable construction for high strength performance.

Due to the air-cooling system and inverter-duty motor, the ESMOS extruders achieve high performance solution and durability. The screw and the cylinders are made of high-quality nitriding steel /1.8509/. The shaft diameters could vary between F20 and F125mm.



  • for pipes and tubes
  • blown foil, profiles
  • isolation of cables
  • plastics granulation etc
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Номер на АДПБФП: BG16RFOP002-2.077-0962-C01
Бенефициент: “ЕСМОС” АД

Обща стойност: 150 000,00 лв., от които 127 500.00 лв. европейско и 22 500,00 лв. национално съфинансиране.

Начало: 01.02.2021г.
Край: 01.05.2021г.